Choosing a Eco-Friendly Retirement Community

Many people today are choosing to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. The main reason behind this trend is the fact that, it can help to protect their overall health and to preserve the environment for many future generations. The senior population in North America is also following this trend. Fortunately, many senior living communities have incorporated a more eco-friendly way of life. However senior should look at some certain points when making a decision about moving into eco friendly retired community. Another consideration is healthcare and what Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 are available.

The first and foremost is the concept of Recycling. On that note, it is important to emphasize that this can be seen the basics of any facility should do in order to promote sustainability. These communities should incorporate practices of recycling paper, plastic, and metals. Moreover, some senior communities should utilize recycled materials whenever possible, such as recycled paper in the administration departments or benches from recycled wood.

The second notable aspect is the landscaping practices. An example for this is a proper landscaping strategies that incorporates various methods of using plants native to the area thus reducing the amount of water a senior community uses.  For example, Many senior communities have incorporated a process named Xeriscaping. This concept uses low-water plants and grasses, combined with rocks, water elements and other components in order to maintain a colourful landscape.

Another notable element is the potential for locally grown and healthy food. Local, sustainably grown food can be a great asset for the health and well-being of the seniors. Amenities such as organic produce and grass-fed beef from local farms can be seen as great contributor to the quality of the life of the seniors.

Alternative energy Sources. Many of the retirement communities tend to provide a  – various sources for alternative energy, such as geothermal heating or solar panels generated electricity. Living in a green home can have great impact on the protection on the health of the seniors.

Combined with that is the aspect of a new build facility. Seniors moving into a brand new building may want to know if green building practices were applied, which includes using energy efficient doors, windows and other appliances. Moreover, seniors should look if the building is LEED Certified and if it is build according to the universal design standards that are common in North America.

All il all, the prospect of moving into a senior community where the concept of green living is endorsed – can be a galvanizing effect on the wellbeing of the seniors and on their overall quality of life.