Getting Old is Not New, Become Healthily Old to Enjoy Life

Getting Old is Not New, Become Healthily Old to Enjoy Life

People are living longer in the U.S. than ever before. In fact many seniors lead a very healthy and active life. But there is nothing to get around or fool away the fact we age, and respectively there is change in our minds and bodies. There are things to stay active and healthy with age. It is very important to know what to anticipate. There may be changes as a normal ageing part, while others may see some warning signs indicating medical problems. Thus, it is crucial to realize the actual difference and to let your health care provider know, if there are concerns. A healthy lifestyle helps in dealing with the changes of normal aging.

Healthy aging

Do you know what can be considered a normal aging process part?  Here it is that you get older and how to go about it.

A fact well-known is that aging causes gray hair and wrinkles. However, aging also affects your sexuality, health and teeth.  This is a part of continuing aging that there is a need to promote good health to stay healthy, regardless of the age number.

The foremost common change is in the cardiovascular system refers to blood vessels and arteries stiffening, causing your heart to pump blood by working harder. The heart muscles change to make adjustment as per the increased workload. Your heart rate will stay the same. Changes increase high blood pressure (hypertension) risk and other cardiovascular problems.


What can you do?

To promote heart health:

  • Healthy diet: Choose fruits, vegetables, high-fiber foods, whole grains, and protein lean sources, such as fish. Restrict foods high in saturated salt and fat.
  • Physical activity: Include walking, swimming and any other activity of your choice. Regular physical activity helps in maintaining weight and reduces heart disease risk.
  • Manage stress: Reduce stress as it takes to your heart. Consider meditation, talk or exercise therapy.
  • Get adequate sleep: Enough and good quality sleep is important in repairing and healing your blood vessels and heart. Aim night’s sleep for seven to nine hours.
  • Stop smoking: It contributes to arteries hardening and also increases heart rate and blood pressure. Keep away from tobacco products.

With age, bones shrink in density and size; they start weakening and are prone to fracture. You may appear shorter. Muscles lose endurance, strength, and flexibility that it affects stability due to lack of coordination, and balance.

To promote bone, joint and muscle health:

  • Eat calcium in adequate amounts through dietary sources or supplements.
  • Vitamin D in adequate amounts.
  • Include physical activity
  • Avoid substance abuse
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