Shoulder Fracture Treatment in Older People

Shoulder Fracture Treatment in Older People


The first stage of treatment for shoulder fracture in the elderly depends on how the damage was received: The doctor may insert a special bean-shaped orthopedic roller under the arm. The arm itself is suspended from a serpentine-shaped dressing by the hand and the angle that the shoulder and forearm form should be 35–45 degrees.

If this is an abduction fracture of the shoulder in an elderly person, then the roller is replaced by the Cramer diverter tire. Fixing the brush, in this case, is the same as described above. As for the duration of wearing an immobilization dressing, for people of retirement age, it is 8-11 weeks. After that, if necessary, it is replaced with a supporting one.

Often the question arises as to whether there will be enough reposition of bone fragments in case of a fracture of the shoulder in elderly people with dislocation, or will osteosynthesis surgery be required, and if so, which one? It is worth noting that only a doctor can make such a decision. If surgical intervention is carried out, the wearing of immobilization dressings is also mandatory. The treatment can take place both at home and on an outpatient basis.


During the treatment of a shoulder fracture, older people should eat according to the following recommendations:

it is necessary to normalize the water-salt balance;

eat food in small quantities multiple time each day;

per day you need to consume at least 2,000 and not more than 2,300 kcal;

most of the menu should be made up of animal proteins, for example, canned fish in its own juice, sea fish, chicken with beef, cottage cheese, egg yolk, hard cheese, dairy products, and fruit and berry jelly;

it is better to distribute food intake in such a way that before noon there are eggs, fruits, cereal and meat, and after that – fish with vegetables;

cooking should take as little time as possible;

the patient must also stay away from alcohol consumption and smoking.

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