Sleeping Drugs – A solution or A Problem for Insomnia

As seniors age, they face the ultimate challenge of getting enough good night sleep.  Many people, including certain groups of seniors have utilized the sleeping pill concept as a tool that will enable them a prolonged and stress-free sleep. Nevertheless, many elderly who might have opted for a sleeping pill to get enough sleep through the night are no longer advised to do so, after the age 65. The general reason behind this claim is the fact that there are multiple negative aspects in doing so.

There are variety of sleep medicines. One of the most notable and widely used by elderly people are the Tylenol Nighttime and Benadryl. These drugs incorporate the sleep-engaging element known as diphenhydramine hydrochloride. This component can create various negative effects on the seniors health.  To be more specific, drugs that include this substance can implicate high level of dizziness, urinary problems, dry mouth and confusion as primary side effects. Moreover, these consequences are more likely to occur to older people. This is due the fact the seniors tend to have slower metabolism and lower immune system. Furthermore, the concerning factor in these cases is the fact the seniors usually ignore these side effects. This is generated through the impression that these the side effects are a consequence of the aging process.

Sleeping drugs can also be seen through the prism of potential injury. When a senior takes sleeping medication it will have certain troubles with normal walking and limited vision thus causing potential situation of falling. Combined with the higher level of sensitivity and lowered immune system, the chances for injury are quite high therefore implicating a numerous other health issues. Insomnia is an issue for nearly half of all seniors in the U.S. over the age of 60. Despite the recognition within the medical community that sleeping pills are not ideal for seniors

Many doctors and health specialists advise the elderly people to avoid using these sleeping drugs. Moreover, they tend to motivate seniors to incorporate various alternative medication concepts as tools that will help the elderly people to enjoy a normal sleep. One concept that has a proven background of great results is the physical activity. Being more active as possible through the day combined with a cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.  Although there are numerous other ideas and solutions, these two concepts have proven to be as effective as medication for people who are willing to try more natural alternatives in order to ensure a good night sleep. By avoiding the sleeping drugs elderly people can avoid a broad list of problems that have the potential to generate other several issues that can jeopardize their health.

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